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Dare to Disrupt – TEDxBristol 2017

Dare to Disrupt - TEDxBristol 2017

The TEDxBristol team needed a logo for their 2017 edition. Something bold & edgy to match this year’s theme: Dare to Disrupt. And a design that would attach the conference to Bristol too.

Dare to Disrupt - Final branding

Their words

Romaric has delivered brilliant branding for the theme of TEDxBristol 2017: ‘Dare to Disrupt’. His excellent and thorough communication, responsiveness to feedback, and timeliness has made Romaric a pleasure to work with. His talent and style is outstanding, and I very much look forward to collaborating again in the future.

Nat Al-Tahhan, Executive Editor, TEDxBristol

Behind the scene

The following is only an overview of the work that happened on this project. If you'd like more details have a read at this article on the blog!

"Designing TEDxBristol "Dare to Disrupt" branding"

Graffiti would provide a strong link to the city (lots of walls are covered in beautiful artworks in Bristol). But I needed to be sure we had the same vision for the lettering styles that matched the theme (discussing this Pinterest board).

From there, after exploring different directions through calligraphy and sketches, we agreed on a specific option to push further. Its “bouncing” letters provided a sense of disruption and gave it an energetic feel. A couple of iterations later, it was in its final shape, its original soft lines now more assertive and all legibility issues fixed.

When picking the colors, the TEDx brand guidelines were the major constraint. They only allow the “TEDxBristol” logo to be displayed over white or black. Framing both logo in a white paint mark helped having more options to explore. But in the end, the preferred background remained black. A light red tone helps “Disrupt” to stand out, and works nicely with the TEDx colors.

Exploratory sketches

Part of the final vector tracing to create the branding (sped up 16 times)