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“Letters say more…” flyers

"Letters say more..." flyers

The design of these probably look familiar 😉 This lettering was designed to cover a flyer for self promotion, providing a friendly showcase of my lettering skills.

Behind the scene

As every project, things started at very small scale, to decide on the layout of the words. Playing with interlocked letters gave an early dynamic mood to the design. However, the first attempts were a bit too formal. It took a bit more exploration to settle on what would become the final concept: friendly interlocked letters and speech bubbles, a fitting metaphor for a quote about communication. The smaller words would each have their own style, demonstrating the versatility of lettering and helping to keep the tone light.

From there, the next big step was inking all this, planning carefully to do the overlapping parts on separate sheets so they could be processed digitally more easily later one. After the parts were scanned, cleaned up and recombined, it was then time to chose some colors.

Aiming for something energetic and friendly, I had this idea of a big bright yellow background. A nice navy blue would match well with it and provide a great contrast for the main words, making them really the center of attention. In the meantime, a bright orange would keep the mood in the fun/friendly zone as well as provide a bit of attention back to the smaller bubbles. Finally, for the smaller decorative bubbles, a teal background gives them enough presence to be visible, but not detract from the other elements, ensuring the message gets read first.

The concept was easily extended to the key messages on the back of the flyer. And later on, online (you’ve probably noticed 😉 ) providing a consistent branding across media. And in the end, the front made a lovely poster too.

Letters say more... - Final colors