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For SimpleShop, I created a logo & brand guidelines to give a simple and human feel to this ecommerce cloud solution.

Their words

The whole logo design process was exceptionally well communicated and thought through. I was engaged and involved from start to finish and am really happy with the end product. Highly recommended!

Mark Garbers, SimpleShop

Behind the scene

After discussing the qualities that the new logo should convey, I set out to sketch different options. Script lettering, which most sketches explored in a form or another, gives a human feel to the logo. The chosen version gets added friendliness with soft letters and simple shapes.

A tag at the starting S reminds the app is about ecommerce. The decorated initial also makes a good support for the brand when space becomes scarce, like on a phone homescreen or a browser’s favicon.

The logo was delivered accompanied by brand colors and fonts chosen to complement it. Everything packaged in a guidelines mini-website to make it easy to access when applying the brand.