I'm no longer doing lettering professionally, to re-focus on web development. A newer version of this site is being built to reflect this.
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TaskFight is a personal app project for which I both designed the branding and developed the code to give it life. The app is about sorting tasks priorities. However, for its brand I didn’t want something too serious. I wanted it to look bold, dynamic & fun (without getting gimmicky, though).

Behind the scene

The following is only an overview of the work that happened on this project. If you'd like more details have a read at this article on the blog!

"Case study: A logo for TaskFight"

After some sketches to explore different lettering styles, and then some more to refine the details, I came to the logo the app currently uses. The width difference along the strokes makes the letter really dynamic & energetic. The F & T of “fight” even go to have their little fight with their horizontal bars, adding some more personality to the logo.

Being a logo for an app, there would be applications where space was limited. For example, when added to the homescreen of a phone. For these, a complementary monogram displaying the “TF” initials of TaskFight makes a perfect fit.

TaskFight – Tracing from Romaric Pascal – Web & Lettering on Vimeo.