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5 types of project well suited for lettering

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Since the invention of the printing press, it’s clear you wouldn’t hand draw each letter of a whole book. But from a single word to a sentence or two, there are other projects lettering is well suited for. Here’s a quick list.

Logos & branding

Lettering makes sure the shape of the letters really convey the values of your project/company. It’ll also help them fit well next to the symbol they might be attached to. And of course, drawing the letters is a necessary step if you’re looking for a monogram.

Own work
Silver Island
By Paul Von Excite

Apparel & merch

Whether for advertising an event or your company, or just as objects of their own, lettering can give apparel a lot of personality by making the message convey specific feelings. Other items can also provide a good support.

by Jon Contino

Big dreams need big sleep - purple mockup
Own work


Posters, flyers, invites… a nice piece of paper with well-designed letters helps to get a message across and leave a memorable impact.

finished "save the date" wedding invitations
by Julia Muse

Own work

Editorial illustration

Nicely drawn letters on the cover of a book or magazine can give the readers a glimpse of what to expect and draw them in. Smaller illustrations can push forward key quotes from an article, whether along the text or as a heading.

by Jessica Hische

by Risa Rodil


Chalkboards, murals & signs

For these larger size projects, the medium dictates that the letters get drawn. There are not many other ways to list the menu of a restaurant on a chalkboard or to paint an inspirational quote on the walls of an office.

Will Letter for Lunch / Lauren Hom
by Lauren Hom

Lululemon Mural
by Ryan Hamrick

Of course, these are not the only things lettering can apply to. Cut paper, carved wood, food… lettering is not limited to ink, paint & pixels. And it doesn’t have to be limited to still letters either. Did you see any original lettering piece lately? I’d be happy to hear about it.